Trellis to hide 3 wheelie bins

Trellis to hide 3 bins

This landscaping job in Greenwich was to remove part of a brick wall adjacent to the front path to make it easier to get wheelie bins over the wall, landscape the garden, lay a concrete path and render the top of the newly cut wall to a nice finish as well as patch up some of the front wall. We finished the garden with plum slate chippings.

The client also wanted a solution to hide the 3 wheelie bins. It was not possible to purchase trellising to the required sizes so we made these to the exact size required. The client will shortly plant some climbers at the base to completely hide the bins however as you can see the trellising does a good job. (you can only really see the neighbours bins in the background of this picture).

This design means the client does not have to open any doors or lids covering the bins, they can simply wheel the bins in and out.

Trellis to hide 3 bins

This is the garden before works started, you can see the previous wall made it very difficult to get the bins in and out.